Gift Vouchers

Monetary Flexibility

Use Your Voucher Towards A Meal, Drinks, Or Any Other Offerings

Exquisite Dining Experience

Enjoy Hachibeh Restaurant & Bar’s Culinary Excellence & Unique Menu Offerings

Personalised Messages

Our Vouchers Come With Personalised Heartfelt Messages Or Wishes

Beautiful Packaging

We Use High-Quality Envelopes, Gift Boxes, Or Wrapping For Our Vouchers

Validity Period

Our Vouchers Offers You Ample Time To Make A Reservation

Online Purchase & Delivery

Purchase Our Gift Vouchers Via Our Website With Electronic Delivery

Range of Denominations

Hachibeh Restaurant & Bar offers different price points for various budgets

Special Occasion Themes

We Offer Vouchers Specifically For Birthdays, Anniversaries, Or Holidays

Additional Incentives or Bonuses

Our Vouchers Come With Complimentary Items Like Champagne Or Dessert

Our Patrons