How to Match Wine with Your Favorite Meals

How to Match Wine with Your Favorite Meals

Wine is always delightful, and how you enjoy it depends on your preferences and choices. You do not always need a fancy meal to get the most out of the wine. Few of the wines work the best when you are in your comfortable clothes and reading your favourite book. On the flip side, other options match up smoothly when there is sunshine and you have good friends around. Every person is different and prefers different bottles. That being said, the perfect food and wine pairing can take an occasion from a memorable to an unforgettable experience. In this article, we will go over some tips that will help you easily pair wine with your favourite meals.  

The Fundamentals of Wine and Food Pairing

The perfect pairings maximise the delight of what is on your plate and glass. So, it is important to take a moment and think about your meal. Salty foods are known to make wine pairing simpler. Salt in food is the best friend of any wine, making it taste more flavourful overall. Acidic foods work best with wines that are similarly high in acidity.  Just ensure the food is not more acidic than the wine, as that might make it flat and full. Spicy foods demand low-alcohol wines that have a hint of sweetness to counter the heat. Sweet food matches the best with sweet wines. However, ensure the dessert is not sweeter than the wine, as that might deemphasise the fruit flavours of the wine. 

Flavours Take it Further

In terms of flavour, you have two options: contrast or complement. You can just match the dish’s flavour to the flavour of the wine. For instance, you can utilise a peppery dry rub on your streak to complement the Shiraz’s peppery notes. It will help tie the food and wine together, leading to a harmonious culinary experience. There is also the option of contrasting flavours in the dish and wine, you can easily emphasise and deemphasise one or the other. For instance, contrast a sweet and fruity Riesling with a spicy Thai dish. The sweet wine will soften the spice, permitting other flavours to shine. Till you follow the simple wine and food interactions above, it will be easier to figure out a world of flavour pairings. 

Shiraz and Steak - The Perfect Option

Australia is well-recognised for its barbecue culture. Steak sangas feature grilled steak, melted steak and several other toppings in between the bread’s two slices. Another Australian signature, i.e. Shiraz, will best accompany it. Both of them are extremely flavourful. The smoky barbecue flavours and salty steak will be best to bring out Shiraz’s jamminess and work well with its black pepper notes.   

When Confused, just Grab Some Bubbles

The high acidity, lively bubbles, and upbeat fruit flavours of sparkling wine make it easier to pair with possibly any dish. Just keep in mind that the flavour intensity should match as well. Light dishes work best with fruity and light styles. Flavourful dishes, whether they are vegetarian or not, will mostly match well with fuller styles. 

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the best wine and meal combination will be the ones that you enjoy the most. It is impossible to create foolproof rules because there are plenty of options and textures. Follow the tips and tricks from this article to match wine with your favourite meals. 

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